Refund Policy

If the customer wishes to return our product,  he/she can do so within 14 days. We will ensure that the entire amount  is refunded to the customer’s account within 10 working days. Below  mentioned conditions are applicable for refund. 

  • If the customers do not like our product, he/ she can send the  product back to us within 14days. We will make sure to refund the entire  amount back to customer’s account within 10 working days
  • You  can find registered address on www.mkpreciousmetals.com and the  refund will be applicable only if the product is shipped to the  registered address within 14 days
  • This refund facility is available only through www.mkpreciousmetals.com and not through other stores in US
  • Refund  request can be done by informing our customer care team via email or  call. We will send you a reverse packing kit, in which you need to pack  the product as it was delivered to you and ship the product back to us  at your own cost. Once the product is received and successfully  undergoes the quality check, the refund shall be done
  • This  refund is subject to quality confirmation by our skilled quality  assurance team and on verification that the packaging of the same is  complete with all the documents like insurance certificate, original  invoice and product certificate
  • This  policy is not applicable for products that are ordered with specific  indications like customization, engraving, purchase using promotion code  or by discount coupon
  • 14 days refund policy is not applicable for gold coins

Privacy Policy

We know that you trust www.mkpreciousmetals.com.  This is the reason we have set high standards for our secured  transactions and adherence to the customer information privacy. Please  note that our privacy policy will be subject to changes at any point in  time without any prior notice.



We usually collect personal information like name, email id, contact  number and such other details during the process of setting up an  account with www.mkpreciousmetals.com. When browsing a few sections of  site without you being a registered member, you will not be able to  place an order. We use your contact details so that we can intimate you  about the timely offers, which are based on the previous orders and also  depends on your interest.


We make use of the personal details for providing you with service  requests. For various purposes like troubleshooting problems, collection  of fees, for surveys and for providing information on various offers,  we need your personal information. We also collect and analyze the  demographic and profile data about users activity in our website. We  make sure to identify and use the IP address for diagnosing problems in  our website.


Our site is featured with strict security measures and due to this,  we help in protecting the loss, alteration and misuse of information  under our control. If in case you want to change your access of personal  account information, we make sure to provide with secure server. Once  the information is with us, we make sure to adhere to the stringent  security guidelines and protect the same against unauthorized access.


www.mkpreciousmetals.com provides to all the users with a chance of  opting out of promotional and marketing related services from us on  behalf of our partners, after you set up an account.

Shipping policy

Domestic shipments, fully insured second-day delivery by UPS are entirely free for all products purchased from MK Precious Metals’s Website.

International shipments are assigned exclusively to FedEx at the charge of $45.00, with full insurance coverage. Custom duties and import taxes applicable to the shipped item are the sole responsibility of the buyer and are non–refundable by MK Precious Metals in case of returning a purchased item.

International Customs may sometimes hold packages for an extended time before they will release the package. This time period may reach one month according to the USPS. The importation of merchandise into countries other than the U.S.A. may result in additional custom taxes, brokerage and/or duty fees upon delivery of your order. MK Precious Metals will not be able to reimburse you for any additional fees incurred.

Your Purchase Includes 

With each purchase, MK Precious Metals proudly provides:

* FREE Fully insured shipping within the USA.

(Valid local phone number must be provided along with payment information)

* FREE Sizing for estate and antique rings.

* Our Certified Appraisal outlining the intrinsic and specific attributes of your purchase to include type of metal, quality cut, age and appraised insurance value.

Cancellation Policy

In case of any discrepancy we can cancel any of the orders. A few  reasons for cancellation from our end usually include limitation of the  product in the inventory, error in pricing, error in product information  etc. We also have the right to check out for extra information for the  purpose of accepting orders in a few cases. We make sure to notify you  if in case your order is cancelled partially or completely or if in case  any extra data is required for the purpose of accepting your order.

Once you place the order, such order can be cancelled from your end  before the shipping is undertaken to the destination. Once the request  of cancellation is received by us, we make sure to refund the amount to  your bank account with the help of a suitable mode of payment within 10  working days. After the process of refund is initiated, you would  receive amount of refund directly to your account.

If in case the amount is deducted from your account and the  transaction has failed, we will make sure to credit (refund) the entire  amount to your bank account soon.

Please note that this policy is not applicable for customized Items

Layaway Policy

For your convenience we offer a two-month layaway plan at no additional charge. We request 30% down payment within five days of placing your order, with the remaining balance  payable in two installments within 60 days. Should you need an extended plan, we would be happy to consider  your requirements. Please contact us in advance for an extension arrangement.

MK Precious Metals reserves the right to release the item after 60 days should the payment not be received in full, at which point all payments made for the item will be converted into store credit. Such credit may be applied exclusively towards the purchase of other items from this website, unless prior arrangements have been made with MK Precious Metals in writing

Please note that the guidelines, policies and other terms and conditions of use and sale at our company may vary.

Note: All carat weights and stone measurements reflected in our Jewelry descriptions, represent approximate figures. Mounted stones are graded only to the extent rendered possible by the mounting. Certain gemstones are treated to enhance their color and overall beauty. Such treatments may not always be permanent and/or may require special care. Please email us for further details in  this regard.

Buyback Policy

 Our buyback policy is applicable, only if you wish to return the  jewellery, solitaire diamond or gold coin for money back in future after  15 days of purchase. Buy back can be done by returning the product to  the registered address of www.mkpreciousmetals.com or by visiting  & returning the product at any of our stores. 

Gold :

Gold purchase from online store is eligible for cash buy  back policy either online or at our store. Standard deductions will be applicable.

  • Diamond, Silver, Metals, Coin: 

In case cash buy back policy for diamond and Gem stone jewellery the valuation of returning stock would be either
(a) 70% of the total invoice value or
(b) 96% of the prevailing gold value + 70% of the prevailing diamond price, whichever (a or b) is higher.

The Cash Buy Back policy will be subject to a Quality Check (QC) by  our QC department or by a certified laboratory as required. A maximum of  4 days will be required for the QC process. MK Precious Metals, Coin, Gold and Diamonds  reserves the right to calculate the buyback amount of the product  depending on the final evaluation by our quality check team.